Masoneilan Control valves

Masoneilan is an international leader in the design, manufacture, and support of final process control elements and solutions. Major product lines include reciprocating, rotary, and severe service control valves, regulators, levels, and field instrumentation.

Masoneilan is an integral part of Dresser Measurement, which provides a wide range of valve products serving all phases of the energy industry. Industries in which Masoneilan products are used include Aerospace, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Pulp & Paper, and Refining.

Masoneilan Reciprocating Products
Dresser Flow Solutions provides a broad range of Masoneilan linear stem motion control valves. This diverse portfolio includes globe style valves, angle valves, and special application valves.

Rotary Products
Dresser Flow Solutionsprovides a broad range of Masoneilan rotary motion control valves. This portfolio includes unique self-aligning eccentric plug designs, featuring integral bonnets, adjustable capacity, and corrosion resistant configurations.

Pneumatic Actuators
Dresser Flow Solutions provides a broad range of Masoneilan pneumatic actuation solutions, including various spring diaphragm and piston/cylinder designs.

Dresser Flow Solutions provides various types of Masoneilan control and measurement instrumentation for use with control valves and pneumatic actuators. The product portfolio includes pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners, I/P transducers, level control devices, and Smart instruments.

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