Samson positioner Samson control valves

Samson positioner ensures a predetermined assignment of the valve stem position (controlled variable x) to the electric input signal (reference variable w). It compares the control signal received from a controller to the travel or opening angle of the control valve and issues a corresponding output signal pressure (output variable y). The electropneumatic positioner is attached to pneumatic control valves. It is used to assign the valve stem position (controlled variable x) to the input signal (reference variable w). The input signal received from a control system is compared to the travel or opening angle of the control valve and an output signal pressure (output variable y) is produced. The positioner consists of an electric travel sensor system (2), an analog i/p converter with a downstream booster and the electronics unit with microcontroller (5). When a deviation occurs, the actuator is pressurized or vented. If required, the changes in the signal pressure can be slowed down by a volume restriction. The signal pressure to the actuator can be limited by software to 1.4, 2.4 or 3.7 bar. A constant air stream to the atmosphere is created by the flow regulator (9) with a fixed set point. The air stream is used to purge the inside of the case as well as to optimize the air capacity booster. The i/p module (6) is supplied with a constant upstream pressure by the pressure regulator (8) to make it independent of the supply air pressure.
Samson 3730 positioner Samson control valves

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