Foxboro positioner Foxboro by Eckardet Foxboro by Schneider

Foxboro intelligent positioner SRD991 is designed to operate pneumatic valve actuators and can be operated from
control systems (e.g. the Foxboro I/A Series System), controllers or PC-based configuration- and operational tools
such as PC20 / IFDC or PC50 (FDT Software). The positioner is available with different communication protocols.
The multi-lingual full text graphical-LCD in connection with the 3 push buttons allows a comfortable and easy local
configuration and operation as well as the display of valve specific data, and status- and diagnostic messages.

Connection and Start-up
Upon connection of supply air and a voltage source of e.g.
DC 24 V to the input terminals (polarity is random, see page
21) an initial start-up can be carried out without any further
With the local push buttons, basic parameters can be changed,
such as type of actuator, side of installation, valve
opens/closes with increasing setpoint value, and characteristics
curve of the valve (values set ex-factory: stroke
actuator, mounting side: left, valve opens with increasing
setpoint value, linear characteristics curve).
Thereafter an AUTOSTART can be performed; during
which the SRD991 determines independently the geometric
data of the actuator as well as control parameters, to
ensure an optimized operation with the attached valve.

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